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FOIL STARS (transparent overlay) nail wraps

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FOIL STARS (transparent overlay) nail wraps
FOIL STARS (transparent overlay) nail wraps

★ OVERLAYS ARE MAGIC! They look their best ON TOP OF A SOLID WRAP OR NAIL POLISH COLOR - rather than on bare nails. ok? ok.

✨ Having cute nails will bring you daily joy!

🦄 Using nail wraps has become a fun self care activity that I look forward to - and then the whole time they are on they make me so happy every single time i look at my nails! That's a lot of times in a day to have something so simple, easy and inexpensive bring you lots of heart pitter-pats! I wouldn't be without them now. ✨

⭐️ made from real nail polish

⭐️ 16 strips per pack

⭐️ nail wraps lasts longer than regular nail polish (7-10 days)

⭐️ if your nails are not super long, you can get two manicures out of one pack! 

⭐️  listing is for one pack of the wraps in the title

❤️ how to put on nail wraps video is here  (you can skip to the 7 minute mark)

❤️ how to put on nail wraps detailed text instructions are here (but i recommend the video!)


Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Koala nail wraps!

Absolutely love these! Lasted for over a week too 👏👏👏

Sharon Williamson

These are so cute and very easy to apply!

Ginny G

I purchased the strawberry nail wraps for a gift, and they arrived super fast! So cute! These make a wonderful treat / surprise to include in a card or letter.

Katy Sakash
Yay for fun nails!

I love these wraps, and I love to mix them up! They’re so much fun and so easy to do.

Sharon Williamson

I use a lot of nail covers and these are by far the best! They are durable and easy to put on. I will order again and again!