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custom pet portraits by melissa averinos

yay! i'm so glad you're here.

hi, i’m melissa and i love drawing people’s pets!

Want me to draw your baby?

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"This seriously made me tear up, I love it so much!" --- tina from diamond OH


Best. Compliment. Ever.

That's where my tagline comes from:
Pet Portraits by Melissa Averinos:
The Gift That Makes People Cry 

Now, a question for you:

Wouldn't your precious babycat be the perfect artist’s meowdel?

Doesn't your sweet doggo’s face need to be immortalized in a work of art? 

HARD YES, right? 

I mean, obviously.

ok but here’s the thing:

  • there are a limited number of commissions available each month (it varies!)
  • only peeps on my email list get notified when i add new commission slots (because the are my VIPs and i love them)
  • this means, getting on the list is the only way to book, ok? 

SO. if you are you like "omg i love these, LET'S DO THIS!" or even simply "i like these a lot, maybe i'll get one someday" the next step is to sign up by entering your info right here: 

Did you do it? If so, keep an eye on your inbox so you don't miss an opportunity to book a portrait of your sweet bebby! ( email will be from melissa @ yummygoods ) 

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✨Commissioning✨A ✨Portrait ✨
sounds kinda fancy. This is probably wicked expensive, right?"

Ha ha, NOPE!
Prices for my custom pet portraits start at  $325. and if that is just a bit more than you can swing right now, you can use a *buy now pay later* option!)
(scroll down for more pricing info)

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oh hey! it's me, melissa!
(and that's max with me. himb do a gib of kisses.) 
In my one-weirdo art businessi do a bunch of different things but the pet portrait commissions are probably my favorite!  Obsessing over pet photos, drawing your precious floof for hours, creating layers of color and texture to bring a portrait to life --- it's one of my favorite things to do in life!

 Just add some reruns of  British Bake-Off in the background and my pets strewn about and that's like an ideal day.
“ i love the colours, the strokes and especially the bold fun worded sentiments* in  Melissa’s artwork. I haven’t seen anyone else doing what she does.”  ---- mel from cambridge, UK
(*additional charge for lettering like that because it takes a surprisingly long time to get the layout just right!)
 “Melissa was fantastic to work with - friendly, communicative, prompt - and I think she was  as excited to create the pieces as I was to receive them.” --- sharyn from nova scotia
Spoiler: Sharyn is not wrong. i really do get so excited about each portrait!

As a devoted cat and dog mom myself ( i’m pretty much IN LOVE with my cat Butterbean 👀 DO NOT TELL THE OTHER ANIMALS), i understand the love and comfort our beasties give us every day. It is an absolute pleasure to pour my heart into colorful, nontraditional pet portraits for my awesome clients.
Do a little tippity-tap of your info below and I'll email you as soon as spots open up for me to draw your baby!
please now behold my baby butterbean's unbearable cuteness:

I MEAN. can you even deal? himb is so perfect I can't handle it 😭

(everyone takes selfies with their pets, right?)

🌈 ❤️

❤️ Many of my portraits are commissioned after a beloved pet has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  ❤️

It's an honor to do these memorials for grieving pet parents. 
the late, great Scuttlebutt:


"The artwork Melissa did for me soothes my heart and has helped to ease my grief at the passing of my best kitty friend. It's true that art heals." --- jill from iowa city IA

❤️ OH MY HEART! ❤️

“After we lost Bizzi, our beloved mini-schnauzer, I asked Melissa to do a memorial portrait.  She captured the personality of our sweet girl perfectly! I love the bright and cheerful colors. The artwork hangs in my studio where Bizzi can watch over me." --- leslie from shavano park, TX 

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and now a brief interlude 

Me (all casual-like) : Hey! Would you ever wear a hoodie with a cat/dog on it?

You (all “pfffft”) : OF COURSEi would! I’m a hard core Cat Lady* from way back. (*please substitute your pet type and whichever term you prefer and really put yourself into the role, ok? all right, here we go. you’re doing great, keep going)

Me (getting INTO it) : Cool, cool, cool. So, ah, how would you feel about a hoodie with...(dramatic pause)...YOUR OWN PRECIOUS BABYCAT on it???


You (like, stunned) : WAIT WUT

Me: Yeah. Like cool, fun art of your pet? Printed ALL OVER  a hoodie. Just like, All. Over. It. Everywhere. Full color, allover print. Of your baby. On a hoodie. Is that something... you might be... maybe interested in?

You (pretty much dying) : omg omg i’m pretty much dying

Me (super excited) : right?! I mean RIGHT though??

You (nodding, staring at me intently) : NEED

Yup, we can make this happen! 
(you'll see more awesome ways to enjoy your custom pet art a little bit further down)

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👋🏻 me again!

your new pal melissa here with just a quick tidbit about Yummy Goods, which you may have noticed me mention a few times. that's the name of my main shop, where you'll find all the goodies i offer in addition to pet portraits! 

Things like my own cute AF designs on socks, nail wraps, greeting cards, stickers, mugs and clothing

someday soon i'll be adding my updated bio right here, but in the meantime if you are just DYING to know more the weirdo responsible for all of this, you can check out my existing bio here.

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ok back to pet portrait stuff now:

i get so excited ( every! time! ) when someone digs my quirky style and i get another opportunity to spend hours happily drawing, getting to know and love a new critter. 

experimentation and play have been at the heart of my art process since i started painting when i was 12. i bring that same creative, let's-see-what-happens vibe when i sit down to work on my client's precious babycat or babydog portrait.

(or hedgehog or bird rat or snek)

🦔🦜🐀 🐍

It takes quite a bit of 'messing around' to get it just right and really convey an animal's personality! Luckily messing around is my favorite.

i draw on my decades of experience as a painter to use digital tools just like i do real paint, markers and colored pencils. 

ooooh, lookie! a process video!👇

It has music that is sweary and a bit sassy, so only play the audio if you are cool with that!
(if you are on an iphone or ipad it might look like a big white space 👀, but i promise you there are videos that you can still play! working on getting that issue resolved 🤷🏻‍♀️)
see what i mean? This is not just some filter somebody slapped onto a photo! This is real art, made by a real working artist (hi, 👋 it me), layer by layer and stroke by stroke.
 “The portrait looks stunning, more like a painting than any other digital artwork I've seen.” --- mel from cambridge, UK 

If my bold color sense and signature scratchy layers (or graphic text style or quilty backgrounds or rainbow goodness) are doing it for you then friggin YAY! I'm so happy to have found you.
and just in case you don't love bright colors as much as i do?
check meowt! 

turns out i actually can do neutral-type colors when someone wants me to!

 i would totally use BEIGE and DUSTY PLUM and SAGE for you. 
and yup, we talk about color preferences once you book your portrait!
Custom Pet Portrait slots are limited and they do go fast. 
Make sure you get on the list so you can secure a spot the next time i release a batch!


I can’t wait to meet you and your pet and make some art that will make you smile every day! 

🌈 ❤️ ⭐️ 🦄 ⭐️ ❤️ 🌈

*stage whispering* 


but if you need a special portrait ASAP that may actually be possible! 
Just email me and I’ll let you know if I have any OMG Rush Slots available.

🌈 ❤️ ⭐️ 🦄 ⭐️ ❤️ 🌈

ok friend, let's talk about pricing!

single pet on paper

vivid matte print on high quality paper

8"x10" ----- $325
16"x20" ----- $350

single pet on stretched canvas

gallery-wrapped canvas (no framing needed!)

8"x10" ----- $350
16"x20" ----- $400 

multiple pets in the same painting

$125 per additional pet (whatever the size or material)

“Excuse me while we go cry and die. OMG. I'm making noises that only dogs can hear! The wife says she can’t. It's so fucking...just...loss of words.” - Scorien  from Flagstaff, AZ (catdad to voidboi Curly + dear departed 🌈 Waffle ❤️)


Ok. Here's how this goes down:

  • you have signed up in one of the pink forms on this page, so you are on the list that gets notified when i have spots available
  • you receive an email from me (it will come from melissa @ yummygoods) saying i have however-many commissions available to book
  • you reply QUICK LIKE A BUNNY to claim a spot 
  • i email you back within 24 hours to let you know either way
  • if you did snag one, i include a link to pay a nonrefundable deposit and i ask some questions about your sweet baby angel and your color and style preferences, ask for photos (and give you tips on what makes a good reference photo), etc
  • you reply to my email and pay the deposit within 24 hours so we can get this party started! 

more about the booking process in a sec, but first i gotta make sure:
you did get on the list, right?
because otherwise it's gonna be kinda hard for you to get my email.
Oh look, here comes a sign up form right now:

I don't know who needs to hear this, but... NO YOU DO NOT need to have 'the perfect photo' before you commission a portrait!

In fact, I prefer you to send a few photos so I can select one that i can do really well for you. Most people have a couple of great photos that i can work from, so don’t worry too much about it, ok?  I'll help. 

ok, moving on with the process:

  • within a week i get to work on your baby's portrait and email a jpeg for you to review (that week starts once the deposit has been paid, the details have been decided and i have received useable reference photos)
  • you reply within 24 hours to (hopefully) tell me how much you love it! 
  • if changes are requested i get right back to you with the revision and you respond ASAP with approval (additional rounds of edits may incur a fee)

 "Melissa really listened to me and was so brilliant about keeping me in the loop as she progressed on the portrait. I trust Melissa's eye and I feel lucky to have her artwork in my home!" ---- mel from cambridge, UK 


  • you tell me which additional items you want (scroll down to see all of the cool options! coughcoughhoodiecough) 
  • i place the order for your paper print or canvas, additional copies and products to be shipped directly to you. (i work with an awesome printing company  right here in the US!)
  • your goodies should arrive in 2-3 weeks! each type of product will ship as they are produced, so don't panic if you receive the prints but not hoodies (or vice versa!)

🌈 ❤️ ⭐️ 🦄 ⭐️ ❤️ 🌈

  additional prints + canvas

You don’t need to arm-wrestle over who gets to choose where the portrait goes, just order additional prints (and stretched canvas)! Your custom pet art can hang in the kitchen AND in the office AND in each of the kids’ rooms.

additional prints on paper
8"x10" ----- $25
16"x20" ----- $50
additional canvas
8"x10" ----- $50
16"x20" ----- $100


P. S. I bet family and friends who also adore your pet would love their own copy of your custom pet portrait! 

 other cute stuff!

throw pillows, blankets, tote bags, mugs, notecards and omg the HOODIES

yes! this is the fun part! 

i mean, all of this is fun --- of course! but i think The Most Fun Thing might be the seeing the adorable pet portraits bring some magic to things you can USE! :

premium throw pillows 
vibrant full-color print, same image both sides, hidden zipper, 
includes insert, available in 18" or 22"

 $44 - $54

check out the detail on this sample:
“My Gussie portrait pillow is fantastic!!” --- melissa from seminole, FL


throw blanket

50x60 super soft fleece throw blanket, lightweight, full color vibrant print



“Y’all. We cannot get enough of it this cat art blanket! Great quality, vibrant printing and super soft!”  --- abby from watauga, TX
pair of mugs 

11 oz mugs, glossy ceramic with vibrant print, dishwasher safe


 “Seeing the light Melissa captured in my sweet kitty's eyes brings me such joy. His beautiful portrait gazes at me from the wall, a pillow that I can hug, and the mug i got so I can enjoy coffee time with him again. ” --- julia from sunnyvale, CA


set of 20 notecards 

4.25x5.5”, semi gloss vivid print, blank inside, my logo on the back, includes white envelopes


"eeee! that's my baby butterbean!" --- me, who had to get himb on the samples because OF COURSE I DID


tote bag

16"x20", vibrant full-color print on polyester, same image both sides, cotton webbing handles, interior pocket


butterbean was all up in this tote's business

look at how great the sample looks! (another video):

oooh it has a pocket! yours would have the same print both sides but i just wanted you to see how nice it is.  

hoodie (omg!)
  unisex/men’s cut, vibrant full-color  printing (of your baby!), kangaroo pocket (perfect for hiding kittens) 
 “Melissa, we love our portrait hoodies so much! they are fantastic! I’m in love!” ---- Scorien + Analise

🌈 ❤️ ⭐️ 🦄 ⭐️ ❤️ 🌈

best gift ever

When you want to give an extra special gift to a pet lover, a custom portrait of their beloved cat or dog will cement your reputation as the most thoughtful gift-giver.

"I have commissioned Melissa to do portraits for several friends. The recipients LOVED them and were really moved by the way the personalities of their animals were captured." --- maddy from providence RI 

"Ohmygod, it’s AMAZING!!!!! Her little lip tucked under!! It’s incredible!!!!" --- amy from ferndale MI
(you can read even more testimonials  HERE!)
RUH ROH, you just realized you need an amazing gift LIKE RIGHT NOW??
No problem, just email me and we can get you set up with a gift card for a custom pet portrait! 

🌈 ❤️ ⭐️ 🦄 ⭐️ ❤️ 🌈

Ready to go all-in on your Cat Lady / Cat Daddy status with a commissioned art piece of your precious floof?
Get on the list so you are the first to know when portrait spots open up!

I can't wait to work with you!




oh hiiiiiii, you're still here!?

did you do it? did you sign up? if you don't, we will probably lose each other in the vastness of the internet! what if i never get to meet your perfect babydog or majestic babycat and hear about all of the nicknames you have for them!? sadness, that's what happens.

if you're not ready right now but you think maybe, eventually you might want me to paint your precious pet? plz go sign up now so we can stay in touch kthnxloveu

also you can always just email me to say hi and show off your cute pet I'M NOT KIDDING. i will totally reply.