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How To Apply Nail Wraps

melissa averinos

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In case you are new to the magic of nail wraps, here's how I like to apply them (video coming soon!): 


Give the nails a swipe with nail polish remover or alcohol to remove any oils or debris that might interfere with adhesion.


Hold the strips/wraps over each nail and decide on which size fits which nails and pull those from the pack. It's better to go ever-so-slightly-smaller with the wrap than larger than the nail.


Peel the top layer of clear film off, peel the backing paper off and eyeball one end of the wrap over the nail. It's tempting to go super close to the cuticle, but it's really better with a tiny space between the wrap and the skin, otherwise as the nail grows it will pull the sticker away from the skin and it the edges will start to lift and you don't want that. 

I like to start with the pinky, but it really doesn't matter. I  leave my thumbs till last because i use them throughout the process

I gently tap the center of the wrap onto my nail and then judge whether i got it in the right spot. If yes, smooth down along the whole nail. If not, reposition. Most wraps are a bit stretchy, which is great for application. I'll secure it to one side of the nail and then stretch it just a bit to fit nicely to the other side. 


Once I've rubbed the wrap onto the nail, I fold the leftover bit down to crease it. Since my nails are not super long, and I can get two nails covered with one strip, I carefully clip the excess off with either small scissors or nail clippers.

If necessary, I shape the 'cuticle-side' of the leftover piece and repeat on the opposite finger. 

 💅🏽 FILE

Once all the strips are applied and trimmed, I take a fine emory board and gently file straight down to tidy up the tip of the nail. Don't file up and down, or across. Just down, down down

 💅🏽 TOPCOAT (optional, but I always do it!)

If i am trying a new top coat, I will test it out on one pinky first. Some top coats will make some wraps all bubbly and weird ASK ME HOW I FOUND OUT

Once you know the wrap and topcoat play nicely together, give a nice coat to each nail. I like to start by  'capping' each nail, which is where you drag the tip of the brush along the tip of the nail, kind of encasing the edge of the wrap in polish. Then I paint the rest of the nail. 

Let dry and you are done!

✨Look at your gorgeous nails! So fancy!


And to take them off, I use this nail polish remover I found at CVS - it says it is specifically for wraps and it works great. The glitter ones do require a good handwashing afterwards but they are so magic they are totally worth it😹

misc notes:

💅🏽 To get more wear out of a particularly gorgeous set, i will add a topcoat every couple of days. And if the wrap does start to chip or come up in spots, i will either replace just that nail with a different strip.

💅🏽 Sometimes I'll even do a touch up with a color polish. If i have something similar i will sort of 'ombre' it on and then add another coat of a clear glitter polish. *shrug* Good enough for me.

💅🏽Honestly though, I have so many sets now that I want to change them before they ever even start to show wear!

Do not peel them off even though you will totally want to. More on this in my next post! 😹



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