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Yummy Goods NAIL WRAPS are coming!

melissa averinos

YES! I'm designing my own cute AF nail wraps! 👇🏻 Sign up below 👇🏻 to make sure you get the ones you want!

If you know about nail wraps, you already know how friggin awesome they are. 

If you DON'T know about them, let me fill you in. They might just bring you ✨ACTUAL DAILY JOY✨ like they have for me! Not even kidding. 

I've been using them for probably six months now and they still genuinely bring me happiness each time i look at them!

Nail wraps  are kind of like stickers that are shaped like your fingernail. Only they are made from REAL NAIL POLISH! They are easy to apply and they last a good 7 days (especially with a top coat applied). And they look AMAZING! (I refer to them interchangeably as wraps, stickers and strips.)

They come in all different colors and finishes, but my favorites are the glitters and cute prints. They are so easy to put on! And so much less expensive than getting a manicure.

Here are the basic instructions:

-wipe nails with acetone or alcohol to remove dirt and oils

-select the strip sizes that correspond to your nails

-one at a time, peel off the top and backing layer of a wrap and apply to nail

-cut off excess

-file the nail tips in a downward  motion to smooth the edge

-apply topcoat to lengthen wearing time

If you want to know more about how I personally like to put them on you can read my Chatty Instructions here. 

The process of putting them on can feel awkward as a beginner, but even my first set with quite wonky application looked great! I now really look forward to this routine - it has become a real joy.

And i'm always going to my husband "LOOK AT HOW PRETTY!" and modeling them so he can see. He plays along because he's the best! 

"Yes, honey. So pretty."




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