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Closing My Bricks + Mortar Gift Shop

melissa averinos

Oh, friends. I'm closing up our physical Yummy Goods  location after three years in business. Christmas 2011 will be our last one here in our cozy pink oasis.

You know that it's been hard going for a while. The day after our wedding, Stuart and I had our first big discussion asa married couple: We just aren't making any money, should we close the shop? 

It's heartbreaking but we have to. The location is just not right for us. Not enough traffic, too out-of-the-way. Could we change locations? Sure, maybe. But if I am going to pour my heart into something again the way I have with my shop,  we need to be pragmatic about it. So, maybe we will have a bricks and mortar shop again someday, somewhere. But we aren't going to jump right back into an across-the-sea voyage in a leaky boat, you know? I need to regroup.

But first, I need to grieve. Oh, you guys, it's so much fun when it's busy and people come in who get it. I will miss it so much.

I'm sure sometimes I will feel really down about it, sometimes I will feel ready to let it go so something better can take its place. I want to honor what it has been to me and to the community that has developed around it. I want to acknowledge and celebrate the parts if it that were successful and learn from what wasn't. I want to make a scrapbook of it. I want to have a party there.

After almost a month of tumbling into the abyss (starting the day after my wedding! my poor husband!), I am finally beginning to resurface.

I have loved my time as shopkeeper.

I have loved meeting all of you.

I have loved spending my days here, surrounded by cute stuff that I lovingly selected and displayed.

Sigh. I'm going to try to do this:

Thank you for being here with me. Your support is huge, seriously. I'm not just saying that to be nice. I get a lot of support, strength and understanding from you guys.



(photography by my pal Stacey Hedman)

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