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rusty textures at the beach

melissa averinos

The other day, my honey said to me, "After work, I'm taking you somewhere and you need to bring your camera."

Oooh! A surprise photo location? Cool!

He said, " I'll give you one word: RUST."

At five, we headed home (we work together), grabbed the camera and  headed out. Ten minutes later, we arrived at our destination, Dowses Beach in Osterville.

From the parking lot, we took this sandy lane through the Cape Cod roses (rosa rugosa) to get to the beach:

We walked up to the jetty and I saw this:

ooooooh. What is that?   

Only the most amazing bubbly rust that I have ever seen.  

Looking down toward the base:


Top view: 

(stupid monkey toes. Damn that longer second toe!)

 Awesome painty crackles on this:


Ready to leave, I looked down with the camera and Stuart got all  cute and shy with his feet, the sillyhead!

I love that guy.



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