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i'm teaching a zoom class!

melissa averinos

You may know that even before ye olde pandemic, i had slowed way down with teaching my Making Faces With Melissa class --- like, basically stopped. But I let myself be talked into teaching a class over Zoom! Rachel Pierman from Crafty Monkies is just so dang charming, I could not resist her when we skyped!

It's 4 hours and about $55 USD! ( I say 'about' because they are based in the UK so prices on the website are in pounds.)

Here is the link to the sewing classes list where you can sign up! 


Class is on Saturday, July 17, 3-7pm, BST. Which is 10 am Eastern according to my search just now. I am bad at times zones but I promise I will be there at the right time! 

Let's hang out!

xo, melissa

(and if you can't make it - or even if you can! You can grab a signed copy of my book right here!) 





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