Thor, thifty stuff and revisions

melissa averinos

December 2, 2007


I love this little pink dove planter. I scored it at Savers a while back for about 3 bucks!

Cats do love windowsills, don't they?

And sheets. Every time I change the sheets, Thor is there immediately frolicking under them.

Back to the pottery- such uncommon colors, don't you think? I mean, for this type of handpainted Italian ceramics?

I love it.  It now holds toothbrushes in my pink bathroom. Perfect.

Here are a couple of shots of my  little statues when they lived in the bathroom:

Tee hee, I love how that looks with the rubber duckie.

A little bathroom vignette:

Just a smattering of goodies for show and tell.

Meanwhile, remember how I said I was all done with my design project?

Yeah, well... revisions!  So I have spent the whole weekend tweaking the designs. Soon I will really be done. And then there will be much rejoicing and blogging and eating of creme brulee.

And I am still hoping you'll have some suggestions on how to survive winter (request from my previous post.)

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