thawing out

melissa averinos

May 18, 2007


i have been frozen for a couple of weeks.

it always happens.

I send out a big design submission, and on the day that I am supposed to hear back, I freeze until I get news. Now, this would not be so bad if I actually were to get news on the day ( or in the week)  that I am told I will be notified. But every time it is weeks later till I actually hear anything back.  You can see my problem, right? I am frozen for that whole time.  By frozen, I mean: anxiously waiting, obsessively checking email, reviewing my work and going through every possible scenario of what they might think of it, imagining what I will do if it's good news, imagining what I will do if it's bad news, expecting the best possible response, expecting the worst possible response. You get the idea, right?  It's exhausting.

This time I sat down with my honey and decided what we will do to celebrate if it was good news, and what we would do to comfort me if it was bad news.

a. dinner out.
b. creme brulee or key lime pie.

a. go to the movies ( i do love me some good old-fashioned escapism).
b. creme brulee and key lime pie. ( i do love me some good old-fashioned emotional eating)

So I finally got the news. And... hey, it's pretty good!

I am not going to share it yet, because it is still an unknown where this will lead. But it is quite promising. I am pleased. 

I am tempted to feel like it's not enough of a big deal to really warrant following through on my "good news" plan, but, you know, this business is so hard that anything that isn't an outright rejection should really be considered a  success. 

Hmmmm... creme brulee is sounding good right about now. Crack-crack of the spoon. mmmm. burnt sugar.


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