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melissa averinos

Boheme Chair by  Mackenzie-Childs.


 started a new category just for this piece: Stuff I want. But  then I added the category "Eye Candy." Because I suppose even if I had $3,500 to spend on a single chair, I probably wouldn't buy this. I would buy an old piece and a mix of different decorator fabrics and do it myself or have a professional upholsterer do it. Maybe the "Stuff I Want" category will be  be stuff I would actually buy if it were in the budget.

Maybe about a year ago I decided to start saying "It's not in the budget" rather than "I can't afford it."  The latter implies (to me) that it is a fixed situation- "Flat out, I can't afford it and I never will!"
Whereas the former:
a.) implies that I actually budget for things (which I don't- but I think is a smart idea.)
b.) suggests that not having the funds to pay for something  is a  temporary  condition- and I like that. Leaves room for abundance and change.

But I have been spending money like I have it lately (which I don't) .

I couldn't resist Maira Kalman's new book:

This thing is heavy.  I mean, it is sort of melancholy and sweet (one of my favorite mixtures, as you know) but what  I am referring to here is literally the thing weighs like twice what it looks like it would.
Must be the paper.
Yummy paper with paint and hand-lettering. Delicious.


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