Open Carefully

melissa averinos

January 29, 2008

Thank you for all of your thoughtful responses to yesterday's post.
You guys are so awesome.  

This is the cover of one of my journals from 2000.

Fitting for what I've been talking about.
Being vulnerable and forthcoming can feel scary!
But in a good way.  

I am touched by the honesty you reflected back to me, the common feelings that we share.
Thank you for not just being like, "Shut up, show us something pretty! Where are the rotten tomatoes so we can chuck them at her!" Or with this crowd, would it be tomato pincushions?
(Have you ever had the misfortune of having to handle a rotten tomato? Oh my God, yuck. But I digress.)


And another journal cover from 2000.
Open Carefully. 

I am a collector of all sorts of wacky stuff, one of those things being the 'opening instructions' on product packaging. I can't exactly say why, but I always find it so cute and poignant. I imagine them as instructions for people on how to open up, and it just takes on this tenderness.

The one above is from microwave popcorn.

Here's another.

The small one on top reads: Tear along perforation. Use thumb notch to snap out contents.


Do not open with sharp object.

Somewhere I have a plastic ziploc bag with tons of different ones. Someday I should start cataloguing my collections. I told you I was odd.


Thank you for reassuring me that this is a safe place to open my heart.

(Do not open with sharp object) 

xo, m 

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