mini cork boards!

melissa averinos

April 25, 2007

framed cork boards.JPG

aren't these cute? I made them about a month ago for my newly painted laundry room. (behr paint- melted butter is the name of the color)

i got the frames for el cheapo at a thrift store. They were brown with cheesy cardboard pictures inside.  I  removed the pics, cleaned the frames and then painted them white ( I know abby approves) .  I have had these self-adhesive cork rectangles laying around for ages- never could bring myself to stick 'em to anything.  So  I  painted them white and put them in the through the back of the frame - this did require a little bit of trimming with an exacto knife. Then I found my cutest tacks and some postcards I like and stuck them up! I am pretty sure that those big white buttony-looking tacks are old upholstery tacks. I found them at a yard sale. Those cute little bird pin thingies I also scored at a yard sale. I wonder what they were originally for?

I want to make more of these mini cork boards! I have tons of old frames ready for some lovin- now I just gotta find more cork. And make some cute pushpins out of old buttons. And buy some more cute postcards.


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