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melissa averinos

November 3, 2007

I'm a Cape Cod girl.
Born and Raised here, I'd like to say. In truth, it's Conceived and Raised.
My family lived here at the time of my birth- but my entry to the world took place in Brockton, Massachusetts. That's where my mom's doctor practiced. My delivery was induced, my birth an appointment. July 5, 1974. Yes, the day after the Fourth of July.

"Mom, what time was I born?"

"Uh.... 12:30.... One? "

I thought she didn't remember.
It was only a few years ago that I realized she was saying 12:31!

I love living on Cape Cod.
Yes, folks. It's on  Cape Cod, not in Cape Cod.
I live in West Barnstable, a village in the town of Barnstable, which is on Cape Cod.
Which is in Massachusetts.

Wanna see my neighborhood? I took this little photo-walk back in July, specifically to show you around!

A couple of houses over is a ramshackle old place whose porch displays the more unique  specimens from the stove  shop across the street.


And you'll notice the stone fence!

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