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melissa averinos

March 30, 2007

I say cardamon, you say cardamom.  We're both right.

 I love me some oatmeal.

Lately, instead of putting in cinnamon, i use  cardamon and it is *so* yummy. Every morning I make my oatmeal , add just the right amount of  brown sugar and douse it with soy milk. Then I  throw some cardamon seeds in my mortar and pestle, grind 'em up, and  sprinkle it top of the milk. 
Of course, i could grind up a bunch of cardamon all at once and not have to do it every day. But that would mean i wouldn't get to use my mortar and pestle every day. I do love to use my mortar and pestle.

I have had this every day for 8 days straight.  When my sweetie saw it the first time, he said, "Honey, why did you put pepper in your cereal?" I love that guy.

And isn't that the cutest tea towel? I love tea towels. I wanna make some.


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