495: Making Faces in Fabric by Melissa Averinos

melissa averinos

Have you been wanting to take my Making Faces with Melissa workshop but it hasn't worked out yet? You can still learn my method from my new book:

Making Faces in Fabric: Workshop with Melissa Averinos

  Whaaaaat!?? I know. This like my...seventh book? It's with the wonderful folks over at Stash Books, a division of C&T Publishing. I am so proud of this book and I can't wait for you to see it! I know usually you hear about new books months in advance of the publish date and you can only preorder them but in this case it is actually AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW! Head over to this Amazon affiliate link to buy it (which helps with ranking and that sort of stuff) or if you want it inscribed you can get it right from me by clicking here. (If you do that, you should also take a peek around at all the artwork in the shop!)  In this book, I show you exactly what I would in class. It really is just like taking my workshop (except without me getting to hug you in person)! I start with a comprehensive drawing lesson to get you comfortable with the proportions of the face and very simple, non-intimidating instructions on how to draw the features. Even if you don't think you will ever be able to draw a face, trust me - you totally can, you just have to let me teach you! Just take a look at this before and after drawing by one of my students, Angela Garrison: That's the difference between the beginning of class and after the drawing lesson! And that same lesson is the first chapter of the book. After the drawing lesson I move on to showing you how to create the features in fabric. I go over fabric choices (prints vs. solids, etc) and glueing options and talk about how variations in  the size, shape and style of the features can create limitless options for your face collage. It is SO MUCH FUN YOU GUYS!! Its at this point in class when I am legit FREAKING OUT about how much I love art and teaching this stuff and how psyched I am that everyone is getting it and feeling confident because... you guys? Everyone always does!  Check it out for yourself by looking at the pictures from class in the #makingfaceswithmelissa tag on Instagram!

 Once we've played for a while with collaging features and hair I get into the different options for stitching it all down. I share my favorite methods and from those you can choose to make your work look art-quilty or modern, do decorative stitching stuff or strictly keep it utilitarian. After you've learned all that good stuff, I show you how to use your own collage panels in some simple projects. This is how I used one of mine: Finally, there are galleries of my own work and student work which I hope will provide you with inspiration and confidence. You can TOTALLY make a face, or ten! If you want me to show you in person, there a few spots left in my classes at Pokey Bolton's January event Craft Napa! I'm teaching  Making Cat Faces (omg!) on Thursday evening 1/11/18 and  Making Faces all day Friday 1/12/18. I would love to hang out with you and make stuff so if you can  make it,  head over to those links and reserve your spot before it sells out! I still have some teaching availability for 2018, so if you want me to come out and play with your group in person, I would love to. Use the contact form on my workshops page and we'll figure it out! I'm so excited! I'll do a giveaway and share more from the book soon! In the meantime go buy it on Amazon or if you want me to inscribe it for you then get it here (and pick up some original art while you're at it!) If you're buying from my shop, it will give you a chance to write a note to me during checkout so that's where you can put how you would like it to be inscribed!  Also, free shipping in the US! xo, melissa PS if you want to help me out, leave me a review on amazon after you've gotten your copy and/or repin these images to from my quilty stuff Pinterest board! thanks a million!

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