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melissa averinos

October 17, 2016


Yay, I'm over on Abby Glassenberg's While She Naps podcast today! I'm always nervous when interviews come out, afraid I will have said something dumb! I just listened to it and I think I did ok! 

Do you listen to podcasts? Which ones?

I did this interview last week and it was super fun. We talked about my new fabric line (!) called Yummies, which now that I mention it, I realize I haven't even blogged about yet! Will do that after this post!

We talk about how much I FREAKING LOVE teaching my Making Faces with Melissa workshops!

We talked about my quilt My Brother's Jeans winning Best In Show at QuiltCon 2016, and the not-so-awesome things that happened shortly after that. Which I now realize I also didn't really blog about. I am such a slacker!

We also talked about depression --- and that for the last two+ years mine is well managed for the first time in my life!  In the podcast I kind of 'come out' for the first time publicly that I'm on antidepressants, but the thing is I have been on them for years! So it's not just that that has made the difference between being depressed (even while on antidepressants) and feeling... Normal? Fine? Ok? Happy?

People keep asking me what has changed and I am going to finally write a post about it --- I didn't talk about it on the podcast because it's kind of a whole story so I wanted to address it separately. It makes me sad that so many people are still struggling and in pain. Depression IS SO HARD. If my being open about my struggle and being on antidepressants and the thing that made all the difference can help other people feel less alone or be willing to do what they need to do for themselves, then I am all about it. Post about this coming in the next few days, ok? 

In the meantime:



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