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melissa averinos

April 20, 2016

I'm notoriously terrible at following through on these things, but I'm going to give #the100dayproject on instagram a try. It started yesterday (April 19, 2016) but people do it ongoingly--- I know that's not a word but I like it. Also, autocorrect tried to turn it into 'longingly' which I also like.

I'm too lazy to write out all of what this project is, so I googled up a post that explains it in detail: you can read about it here . Basically, the gist is to commit to making and posting something on ig every day for 100 days. And you can choose your own theme or medium or whatever. 

See, here is the graphic by Elle Luna who hosts it: 

She wrote the book The Crossroads of Should and Must, which I still haven't read. (A topic for another time: I sometimes get mad when I see awesome books because I wish that I wrote them.)

Look at the stream for #the100dayproject on ig if you want to see the posts and different people's themes. 

My theme will be, obviously, #100daysofweirdcats, since I'm all about the weird cats these days.

As you may have noticed

That's my own lettering that I cut in vinyl to make a quickie shirt to wear last month. It is now my first pick from fresh laundry and I always wish I had more. Moar! MOAR KITTEHS!

I think I'm gonna refresh my Zazzle shop, so standby for Weird Cats Forever shirts that you can grab for your very own. Then we can be twinsies. 

Also, this guy:

Because cats giving the finger is HILARIOUS. (I didn't invent it or anything, I just like it and am riffing on it). Cats can be such jerks sometimes.

So anyway, yeah. Here's my first entry announcing my intent:

We'll see how I do with this. Anyone remember that time I thought I was going to do a 365-day project like this? HA! Oh, it was cute of me to think that. I know I'm the worst at this consistency stuff, but I am giving it a stab. Heh, stab.



P.S. #makingCATfaceswithmelissa is a thing. More on that soon.





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