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melissa averinos

September 15, 2015


I'm so excited. I'm heading to Colorado to do a private teaching gig at Penny Layman's house! You might know Penny better as @SewTakeAHike on instagram and the author of The Paper Pieced Home.

(affiliate link, because why not? more on that another time)

Now, I've been offered teaching opportunities before and I have said no every time. It has always terrified me.  But after Quiltcon 2015, Penny messaged me to ask me to come to her house and do a small class on my raw edge faces. I was like, "Um, thank you, but I don't teach." And she was so sweet and encouraging and said "We just want you to come and share what you do. No pressure, just a few friends. We'll pay your way and pay you to teach us." 

You guys? Could there be a more perfect way to entice me to try teaching? Not really. Penny is a love. I agreed to give it a try. I was so nervous! Back in February, this gig in late September seemed so far away. And now it's here! And I'm so....excited! 

 I've been making a bunch of faces for class samples. 

And since I had already agreed to embark on a teaching adventure at Penny's, when QuiltCon announced that they were accepting class proposals for 2016, I thought, "Huh. Maybe I could do that?" It was a miracle that I put together something on time. And then! It got accepted! Wheeee!

When registration opened,  I was basically just hoping that enough people would take the class so it didn't get cancelled. 

You guys. Both classes SOLD OUT on the first day of registration! That's 24 people in each class! Holy cow! I'm not messing around when I tell you that I was surprised. I love what I make, but I wasn't really expecting to get that kind of reaction to it. Imagine if I had just blown off the call for proposals? I would have missed out on this awesome opportunity to grow and stretch myself and share what I do. I need to keep this in mind when I let other deadlines come and go!

This was my first one with a brown background and I love how it looks! Also, shot cotton eyes! 

So since I booked Penny's and QuiltCon, I decided to do a small, free, invite-only practice class to make sure I can, you know, teach.  Since I wasn't charging for it, my local quilt shop Tumbleweed let me use their space! (Big thanks to Mary Carlson for that!) 

Look at this amazing FIRST TRY by my student (eeee! student!) Beth Stephens:

 Student work by Beth Stephens in Making Faces with Melissa Averinos class. 

Can you believe it? So awesome! The first hour and a half is a basic lesson in drawing faces, broken down all easy-like to make it achievable. About 20 minutes in to the class, Beth said, " I feel like an artist already! I've never been able to do this before!" DAY MADE.  (Huge thanks to my other students Jodi Meenan, Judy Skwar, Jane Greenfield, Jean Necheles, Kate Martin, and Sally Johnson. Some live right in town, but others made the summer trek from Boston, Providence and even Connecticut! Thank you for believing in me!) 

I fell in love with teaching that day. And I didn't even bring write notes to work from! I wanted to wing it just to see what came out naturally ---- and it was AWESOME! There is some fine tuning to do, but overall it felt so natural and fulfilling. Another surprise!

And now I'm getting ready to head to Fort Collins, Colorado to have a slumber party at Penny's.  

 Experimenting with a limited color palette.

And! I'm now booking workshops all over the US for 2016! (omg omg omg) Hit me up via email (melissa at melissaaverinos dot com) if you are interested in having me come to your shop or guild. I will be posting info on a separate page once I get all my ducks in a row, but until then email me for info!

I want to hang out with you and make faces together!




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