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melissa averinos

March 17, 2015


So many things to talk about! I seriously don't even know where to begin. I sort of lean toward making single-topic posts these days, but it goes against my rambling nature. I just want to hang out with you! And talk about ALL THE THINGS! 

BUT FIRST, this little sign I made for myself one day when I was having a hard go of it,  as you know I do sometimes. 

HANG IN THERE, WEIRDO. Ah, I love it. It makes me smile every time I look at it, which is all the time since I set it as my desktop background. 

Hi. I like you. Thank you for being here with me. You are my community, my friends, my peeps. I get so much from my interactions with you on the facebook, instagram, sharing my obsessions with you  on pinterest, your comments here on my blog. Seriously? I'd be lonely without you. You have been right here with me during some of the hardest times of my life and you cheer me on during the best times of my life. Ah, now you got me all misty-eyed. Quit it.

What's up? SO MUCH. 

I'm just going to write a little list of things and then I will  probably end up writing a whole new post for each of them, ok?

*I went to QuiltCon and it was awesome. My quilt 'face #1' won an award!

*I got a puppy in November! His name is Max and he is a giant love. 

*I'm ridiculously, goofily crazy for my Adorable Husband (tm), above. LIKE WOAH. That guy is the best. How did I get so lucky? 

*I've been doing a 'painting a day' challenge! (which I share on instagram and facebook.) I think I'll start blogging my favorites every week. Or, let's be honest, whenever I feel like it. Schedule, schmedule.

Here's one I love:

Weird cats FTW. Markers on paper. Oh, did I say 'painting' a day? Well, whatever. Sometimes it's a painting, sometimes a doodle, sometimes it's a design I do on the computer.  Maybe I should call it something else, something more inclusive. 

*Ummmmm, what else? I feel like there's more. OH! Ha. Last week I shot of video of me talking about crafting with wine corks posted --- you remember I wrote a book on that?

So this little video interview I did is going to be posted on a website on Friday, March 20. 


On this website called, um,!


There's other stuff to tell you but that made me all nervous so I'm gonna do some escapist pinning of clothing refashions until I forget why I was nervous.

I love you.



ps did you notice my pretty new site? (still in progress, but I love it!)


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