484: improv pixel(esque) quilt

melissa averinos

July 28, 2014

Yup, another face. 

I can't stop.

If we are pals on instagram (which we totally should be) then you know this.

In my last post, I showed you that raw edge applique self-portrait I started. Well, I decided I wanted to try a pieced improv face. (A topic for another day: do people respect raw edge applique? I sort of feel like they don't.)

At this point, I am just building this face on the design wall. When I get to the actual piecing it is going to be a bear!

Like my mess? You know how I like to keep it real. I can barely see the floor in there. I keep trying to get Stuart to hang out with me while I quilt but he's not having it. He practically gets hives when I suggest it. Ah, well. He's pretty much perfect otherwise, except for not liking pie. (I KNOW)

So I just crank up my Pandora (Joshua Radin or Avett Brothers station = love) and get to work. Play. You know what I mean. 

I love how it is coming out. It is so much fun to see it develop.  I get all up close and change things around and then it's so awesome to step back and see how it all comes together.

Is this a pixel quilt? Kind of I guess!? It's not all squares, lots of rectangles. I would love to try making some picture quilts with triangles. 

A lot of people make pixel quilts and they are always so cool. I don't think I could make one from a pattern though because a.) I realy dislike following patterns, it makes me anxious and b.) for me the fun is creating it as I go. If I designed it ahead of time I wouldn't bother making it because it's the figuring it out on the fly that I enjoy. I paint the same way--- I don't sketch it out first, I just dive in and mess with it until I like how it looks. 

And no, I'm not using any kind of reference for this gal. It's just out of my head. I do plan to do specific portraits but this time around is just from my imagination. 

I get to put kitties in people's eyes.

There are also skeletons and ducks. 


I just love improv!

It's really the only kind of quilting I do. I sometimes feel like I want to learn the basics of traditional blocks and stuff.... but then I'm like.... oh look I made a unicorn out of scraps. 

So, anyhoo. This is what I'm working on, among other things.


I need to blog more. I miss it. I got my first Mac for my 40th birthday a couple weeks ago so I am still finding my way around. I plan to do more blogging and fabric designing now!

What about you? What are you working on?

I'm SO happy it's summer. 

Also, you guys? It's was a crazy and difficult spring but I am now feeling better than I ever have. I was sitting by the garden about a month ago and I turned to Stuart and said, "I have this weird feeling. I think it's like... happiness?" I can't wait to tell you all about it.










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