480: thready or not

melissa averinos

October 30, 2013

(re: title. oh yes i did)

You know those thread ladies I did?

Well, I started to do more, this time painting them as well as stitching!

I started off painting this lady...

And then I stitched.

Here is a little video. (sorry there is random sound!)

So much fun, you guys.

I am using Derwent Inktense blocks. I didn't use any fabric medium, so I don't expect that it would hold up in a wash. I would need to do some experimenting if I planned to use this on a functional quilt, for sure. The blocks are like sticks of pigment, so i just used a wet brush to grab some of the color and then painted with it, kind of like you would with watercolors. Ok, just like you would with watercolors, except the paint is in a stick instead of a cake. Mmmmm, cake.

Here are a bunch of them all together:

Here's that little cherub before I colored it in. (Sometimes I stitch and then paint, sometimes the other way around.)


And here is another little video of the process:

Woah, sorry. That is pretty jiggly!

And sometimes it looks better before you mess with it. I painted, stitched and then painted some more:

I like how it came out, but I think I liked it better before the stitching.

You never know until you try! I love experimenting. I am dreaming up all sorts of things to do with thread and paint!

Meanwhile, happy halloween!



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