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melissa averinos

September 1, 2013

My friend Suzanne made this amazing log cabin quilt top like 30 years ago.

Did I mention the amazingness?

And she let me quilt it!

I did a simple stipple. The piecing and the fabrics were so awesome, the quilt didn't need anything else.

I used a linen-y off white threadso it would blend on the back.

It does.

Also, I need a pedicure.

Don't you love how Suzanne arranged the blocks to have these stripes?

Don't you love the fabrics and the colors?

Ahhhh and look at the center!

So awesome.


I am still in love with quilting, but I have to admit I have not been as much of a go-getter with it as I need to be. You know why?

Well, the truth is I am kind of intimidated!

I mean, I bought this really expensive machine and I redid a room in my house and I spent money and time to go to MQX and ... and.... what if... like,..... well, what if it doesn't work? What if I can't make a go of it? What if it fails like my shop failed?


I know. I know it would still be a valuable experience. I know I would be ok. I know I would figure something else out. I know I have what I need to actually make this work, too. I know if I really really put my heart into it I can have a thriving business.

I mean, I can, right? I tell myself I can. And there is still some very real part of me that is scared of really trying because if I really REALLY try and I still fail, then.... well that just blows doesn't it?

Anyways, setting that aside, I just gotta keep on keepin' on, right? I am slowly plugging away at building this longarm quilting business. I got some business cards printed and even dropped some off at the local quilt store. Want to see my cute new business cards? (Jeez how many more times can I put the word 'business' in this paragraph?)

Cute, right?

Ok, I am stressing out just thinking about all of this, so let me show you another thing I've been working on.


I'm volunteering my services to longarm 3 Quilts for Boston, organized by the Boston Modern Quilt Guild.

Bayberry Quilters, the quilt guild I belong to on the Cape, sent in 75 blocks! When I finish all three I will post pics so we can see if any of our members' blocks are in them. Like a quilter's I Spy.


I am obsessively pinning clothes to sew for myself. More on that soon.

What are you working on?







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