477: Heather Ross + Judy Skwar + Chasing Cottons = Awesome

melissa averinos

August 19, 2013

You guys, quilt porn alert.

More magic sent to me by my awesome customer Judy Skwar.

I am so honored that people send me their beautiful work to longarm quilt! I just did simple allover loopies on this baby.


Love this center panel of Heather Ross's ridiculously amazing Far Far Away line. (*shakes fist in the air* DAMN YOU HEATHER ROSS!)

And hey lookie there, some of my first fabric line is in this block! The two left vertical strips were from Sugarsnap for Free Spirit.

Always makes me happy to see people using my fabric.

Another view of the loopies.

So cute, right?

But, you guys?


That's right.

Here is the front omgomgomg!

It took me a while to work up to quilting this one because I was so intimidated by who awesome it was! Gah! Lots of Kokka linen! I am so lucky that my customers have such great taste. Oh man, do I love this quilt.

The pattern is the Sand Castles Quilt by Chasing Cottons.

Isn't it magical?

I am coo coo for these little postage stamp borders. GAH.

SQUEEEE! Look at this Kokka linen!

I chose this orange golden color Fil-Tec Glide thread, I think it's called melon or cantaloupe or something like that.

It worked beautifully.

Another castle block.

And more Heather Ross beauty:

Seriously, everything she does kills me.

There you have it!

The amazing Heather Ross Sand Castles quilt --- pieced by Judy Skwar and longarmed by yours truly.





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