473: longarm honey

melissa averinos

March 4, 2013

Been whipping together some tops to quilt on my friend's longarm.

I do so love improv piecing. You know, I have never made a quilt from a pattern. I have never made any traditional block. I would like to learn, and I will, but making shit up is just so much more fun for me.

That's right, I swore a little bit. If this is a problem, then we probably shouldn't be friends.

Here are some more quilty doodles, feathers:

Still getting accustomed to the machine. That is just a practice piece, but I can't waste fabric, so I bound it and it's on my bed.

Some exuberant feather action.

And playing with type.

Gah, I can't wait to get the machine HOME so I can quilt ALL THE THINGS!

Yes, I am getting  my own longarm. If we are pals on twitter, facebook or instagram then you know this already.

I am offering simple allovers to start, like meanders, loops and lines. To begin with I will only be doing my own custom quilting until I feel ready to offer it to others.

More to come on this exciting new adventure--- you should SEE how the studio is shaping up! I took before and during pics so I can show you. I am going to put together a slideshow.

Oh, ok, fine. Here is a sneak of the room before:

So I kind of have a lot of stuff. This is, like, half of it.

And here is what the room looks like today, almost ready:

SQUEEE!!! It's going to be a tight fit, but I can't wait to get started.

I have 4 quilts in the queue already, plus I think two on the way shortly. So exciting to embark on something new. More soon on how this all came about. I totally didn't plan on writing about this today, but I couldn't help myself.

How many quilt tops do you have laying around that need to be quilted?

Will you send me some? I'd be pretty psyched if you would.

Hit me up at melissa(at)yummygoods(dot)com to chat about it!



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