472: afghan unfringed or how i learned to love finishing things, at least for now

melissa averinos

February 26, 2013

So about a million years ago, ok maybe it was 3 or 4, I spent a month or so making a bunch of granny squares and then, miracle of miracles, even seamed them together to make an actual afghan.

I do not usually finish things.

I especially do not usually finish things before a very long delay.

This thing, I made it and I finished it!

Kind of.

Since it was my first time with granny squares (also I am lazy) I didn't weave in the ends as I went.

So I had a big granny square blanket with, like, random fringe all over it. Did this stop me from using the blanket? No it did not. It has been used and washed many times in the last few years since I made it. My Adorable Husband (tm) liked to tease me about it. I fully expected that it would stay fringey forever.

Eh, whatever.

And then I started longarming. And then my amazing new friend Judy showed me how to bind a quilt the not made up way (which is pretty much the way I do everything, the made-up way) and in the last few weeks, I have bound all of the things that I quilted.Even the things I did last summer. This one I machine bound (which Judy doesn't do because she is hard core.)

And most of them I actually HAND SEWED the binding to the back (which is what Judy taught me), which is something I always thought I would hate to do. Sew teeny tiny stitches? FOR HOURS? That you WANT to be invisible? That no one will ever see or notice, you hope?

Maybe it's because I got to hang out on the couch and watch Dexter while I did it, maybe it's because I was drinking Fireball Whiskey on  the rocks, maybe it's because I got to drape the quilt over me (and you know how I am ALWAYS cold) --- whatever the reason, turns out, I really love handsewing the binding to the back of the quilt! (My own quilts, let me clarify.)

Neat! Old Dog, meet New Trick!

So, after several evenings of contentedly binding quilts (and watching Dexter, Breaking Bad and Downton Abbey), I ran out of quilts and my hands were lonely and bored.

I looked at my afghan.

It looked at me. I grabbed the snips and a hook.

And I spent a couple of evenings tidying up and FINISHING my first granny square afghan!


Yes, I used crappy acrylic yarn.

Thor and Riley don't judge me.

I love seeing all the critters hanging out with my handmade stuff. It's so cute.

Now I gotta make a million more quilts.

And bind them.

I'll have a whiskey on the rocks.

And Bates.




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