468: lemony snippet: quilted!

melissa averinos

August 21, 2012

Remember Lemony Snippet? My sunny scrappy quilt top from a million years ago? (Whoah! I just looked and it was four years ago!)

I quilted it!

Squeee! My only other longarm quilting has been on scraps, this is my first quilted quilt!

Some lines.....

I'm still just practicing and doodling, so it's full of wackiness.

Trying out of my coral-esque stipple...

(Hi bunny!)

Some loops on the bee fabric...

Playing with outlining the motif in the fabric.....

I gave this one whiskers:   (!)

I was taking these pictures on my couch, where Owlie McPillowpants lives. This is Pillow Mountain, the corner of our sectional where we pile pillows and blankets so we can lay down on the couch with our heads at the corner.

That blue polka dot quilt? It was made by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Fransson! She GAVE it to me. It is amazing. I need to take some real pictures of it to show you its awesomeness. It is my nap quilt.

Back to Lemony Snippet:

Feather practice:

I backed it with the yellow basketweave from my Dazzle collection:

Pebble practice:

Pebbles are hard! I like my wonky ones, but I do want to perfect them, too.

Also, bunnies are cute.




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