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melissa averinos

August 20, 2012


It's 5:30 am and I am having some coffee and relaxing before I get ready to leave for CrossFit at 6:40.

You know I always have struggled with weight and eating. I'm on track then I'm off track. I'm gung ho, then I'm apathetic. I have been consistently working out since January, but the healthy eating comes and goes. I had lost most of the weight that I gained writing my first book! And then I gained most of it back working on my second!

Social support really helps me--- I need that accountability and camaraderie.

So I started a facebook group!

It's a great venue to give and receive support and motivation for working out, eating better and generally taking good care of ourselves.

And we aren't all doing the same thing. We each focus on what we want and follow whatever program works for us, but it's a common place to meet and connect with other people.It's off to an amazing start with people from all corners of my life joining in and answering questions, making daily goals and in general being awesome.

I mean, if I'm going to be screwing around on facebook anyways, I may as well use it to help me build positive habits and a supportive network!

Join us? Go to the Fitness Monkeys page and click 'Join Group'!



ps I quilted all day Saturday! pics coming in the next couple of days!!


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