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melissa averinos

August 17, 2012

For fun last night, I put out a call to twitter to throw out suggestions for a design I would make up and post right then.

First I asked for colors. @EleanorJustice offered periwinkle. @SisterDiane from CraftyPod chimed in with charcoal gray. And to go with those two?  Sarah @shemkus said "Orange, clearly."

Then I asked for an animal. That loveable wiseass @PamKittyMorning said: DUCKBILL PLATYPUS.

I asked for a design element like stripes, squiggles, dots etc. Pam said dots. I said ok, I'll be back.

I had said I would operate under a ten minute deadline, but 8 minutes into try to draw a (damned) platypus, I had to apply for an extension.

After a total of 35 minutes, I had this:

Not bad! Kinda cute, right?

I wanted to do a quicker design, I requested another set of colors and a letter of the alphabet but I wasn't crazy with my results. The colors just weren't working for me and I felt like I was taking to long and just all round wasn't digging it. As my therapist would say, "They can't all be gems."

I would love to do this exercise again, but I think I won't give have a time limit and I will allow myself to swap out one element or color that doesn't do it for me, if necessary. That way I can have more fun with it and really come up with something that I like.

I hope you'll play along with me sometime!

Oh, and while we're on the subject, here is the beginnings of a fabric line I started way back in spring of 2010.


I will be revisiting it next month and hopefully, you will see a variation of it on actual fabric someday!


In other news.... I get to play on a Gammill again tomorrow! Squeeeee!




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