464: longarm quilting and mermaid boobs

melissa averinos

August 9, 2012

So I went to a local quilt guild show the other day. I am not in the guild, but I felt a need for a little quilty action so I went.

One of the first booths in the row of vendors was a Gammill dealer.

A longarm quilting machine all set up and just sitting there with a fabric and batting sandwich just waiting to be used.

I had to play.

And oh my. I fell in love that day.

Getting loopy:

Squeeee! I made loops!

It was so much fun, you guys.



Tiny coral-y meandering:

Eeeeeee! So much fun.

Then I just went nuts just to see what the machine felt like:

More loop making:

Short loops, long lumps.


I must have spent a couple of hours there in t he booth, chatting with the owner and the tech.

And then I just had to draw with the thing. I mean, enough trying to be all quilty, I just wanted to let loose.

So I drew.... no worrying about precision or spacing, just playing with it like it was a pencil in a sketchbook:

Yes, that  does say 'wicked cool'.

Warning, mermaid boobs:

It was so cool to see my sketches coming out in thread!

Totally going fast and winging it:

This lady had the body of a bee, which you can kind of see starting at the right there.

And a detail:

So I am pretty much obsessed with machine quilting now.


I'm going over to a friend's house to play with her machine sometime in the next few days, so I will be back with more pictures!

Have you tried it? Are you a longarmer? What machine do you use? Do you quilt with your domestic?

Tell me all about it!

xo, Melissa




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