461: garden dinos and the Compost Corral

melissa averinos

July 27, 2012

Stuart was making dinner and said, "I don't have enough potatoes."

So you know what I did?

I went outside and dug some up:

I am in love with my garden, you guys.

Like my dirty skirt? It is one of the seven million skirts I made one summer at the shop when it was so slow that I wanted to cry. I'll have to show you all of those. This is one of my faves. They are all A-Line with a little bit of patchwork. I tried to do it in a non-hippie way, but you know, when you use patchwork in clothing it's hard to keep it from having that vibe.

So, potatoes. They were actually volunteers this year! Last year I planted seed potatoes, thanks to my aunt Joni who gave me a bunch. (Thanks, Joni!) Thing is, I can be very disorganized (you don't say) and I just didn't pick them in time last year. When I finally did pick one plant's worth, they were all mealy and weird. I composted the greens and forgot to dig up roots and  all of a sudden this spring I was like, oh, look, a potato field!

I hope these are good! I'm sure the kids will let us know if they are funky.

How is your garden doing? Do you find there are just some things that won't grow for you? I'm like that with greens. I tried some in a raised bed but they sucked. I was going to compost them but decided to throw them in a big planter instead and they did great! I wonder what else I thought I couldn't grow?

Ooooh, ooooh, oh! I am so in love with this trellis idea. I had planted bean starts and they were tendrilling and begging for support, so I hunted around and found an old wooden ladder of Stuart's. I asked him if I could steal it and he said yes:

Bam! Instant trellis, height in the garden, charm. Agh, I frigging love it. Don't suppose you have any old ladders you want to give me?

Oh, remember the dinos from my silly comics?

Here there are at home:

Rawr in the fennel!!

And here is the new Keeper of the Bean Trellis:

And here is the Unicorn of the Compost Corral:

One of my sweet customers brought me that unicorn at the shop. In the background on the right is the potato field! I made the Compost Corral this spring. I dragged those pallets down to the garden and dug them in all by myself. There were larger sized pallets that I just couldn't wrangle. But you know what? Just one month later, I tried again and I could get them! Thanks, CrossFit! I will have to show you more of the CC. I planted sedums in the pallets on one side and strawberries on the front.

Oh, man. So much I want to show you,  like  the awesome fence Stuart put around the garden. I will have to put together a post about it. I loved my space before, but now hearts burst around my head when I look at it.

You guys, it is SO GREAT having weekends off!



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