452: cake + champagne = lunch

melissa averinos

October 14, 2011

The night before the wedding, we made our own cake.

The kids and Stuart mixed up some Pillsbury cake mix.

Here is my (!!!) stepson Zach, being very helpful by cleaning the bowl.

Zach has always been my buddy. I have known him since he just turned FIVE! And now he is taller than me and a sophomore in high school!

Stuart and Meredith (aka Mem) try out the frosting, while Zeus looks on:

And when cake was done baking and cooling, I assembled and frosted it:

I love how it came out!

The day before, I made these little cake topper figurines of me and my honey:

Don't they look just like us?  I love them!!


And yeah, that is a bottle of Dom Perignon! It was given to us a couple of years ago and we saved it for a special occasion.

It was pretty special.

FYI: It's really fun to lounge around in a pretty dress and drink champagne.



(pics from several different sources including me, Stuart, Beth Dunn, Su Wasseluk, and Meredith Schulman!)


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