451: Hobo Porch Wedding!

melissa averinos

October 12, 2011

Our day was very relaxed and sweet.

And it warmed up to 75 degrees and was perfectly sunny and summery, which meant I got to go barefoot.

If there was a theme to this wedding, it was Low Stress. I just wanted it to be simple and heartfelt.

I could have gone really all out with the DIY stuff, but I intentionally kept paring it way down to the basics. If anything started to stress me out, it went out the window. Like, I wanted to make a music playlist but my external drive where I keep all my music was acting up. Eff that, I decided just to play my Old Timey Hobo Porch Music station all day and it was perfect. We made our own cake, but it was from a box. With frosting from a can. And you know what? It couldn't have been more perfect.

Including me and Stuart and his three kids? Only 8 people. A micro wedding.

It was silly and sweet and fun and cute and simple and heartfelt.

And I totally married a guy I am coo coo crazy about.

So, you know, there's that.

More soon!


Melissa Averinos-Schulman

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