450: I'm totally getting married!

melissa averinos

September 26, 2011

So, remember that time when my true love proposed to me, like two and a half years ago?

Well, turns out it wasn't just for show.

We are getting hitched in two weeks!

Back in January, we decided we wanted this to be the year. Winter passed and spring was full of preparing the shop for the season. The year was half over and we were like, yeah, guess we oughtta pick a date? Or something? Is that what people do?

Eventually we settled on Sunday, October 9.

(Fantasy Shoe Shopping: Wouldn't these be just darling as my 'something blue'? Yeah, too bad they cost more than twice what I spent on my dress. link)

I've never been a dreaming-of-my-wedding-day kind of girl, clearly. I guess I never really thought about getting married at all. I mean, I am a long-term relationship kind of girl, and could see being with someone for the rest of my life, but I've never been one for big events and awkward family moments. I kind of hate that shit. 

We are having a tiny wedding. No, seriously, teeny tiny. When other people say that, they are like, 'Yeah, we had a small wedding. Only had 75 guests' and I'm like, 'Are you kidding me? Beacause that  sounds like a lot of frigging people to me!"

(These could be my 'something new', right? Link Except that they cost two and a half times what I spent on my dress. Which was twice what I have ever paid for a dress. Which is really treally cheap for a wedding dress. Actually, it's a bridesamid dress. That I got for half off.  )

So, when I say tiny, I mean ti-ny. We could easily have just gone away somewhere and gotten married by a JP in our jeans. (I mean, we would be in our jeans, the JP wouldn't be in our jeans. I'm pretty freaky, so I can see how you'd be confused, but no. The JP would wear whatever they wanted, that they owned.)

But, we felt it was important for the kids to be there with us, so we having a little ceremony so we can share it with Stuart's three kids: Meredith, Camille and Zach. Beyond the five of us, there are just five more people coming ---  including the photographer and the officiant!

(It's too bad I haven't already had these for years, because then they could be my 'something old.' But they cost two and a half times what I spent on my dress. But, they are handmade in Massachusetts!)

Where are we having this little shindig? Why, on the hobo porch, of course! (But if you hang out with me on the facebook, then this is all old news to you!)


(If you bought these in my size, I could borrow them for my 'something borrowed.' And then you could give them to me, because you're nice like that.I mean, it's not like they cost two and a half times what I spent on my dress or anything.)

More details soon!




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