447: Hobo Porch Upgrade

melissa averinos

July 18, 2011


It's summertime an' the livin' is hobo.

Are you ready for a Yummy Goods Hobo Porch Upgrade?

A month or so ago, my friend New Cindy (not to be confused with Old Cindy aka Original Cindy aka Extra Crispy) invited me over for a movie and Hobo Snacks. We had never talked about Hobo Snacks before but I knew exactly what she meant. I grabbed two Hobo Beers from my fridge and headed over.


Hobo. Perhaps not technically the right word to describe it, but that's what we've come to call anything that is making do, or piecing together from what is on hand, all that good stuff. See, we are both financially strapped at the moment.  It started off as us saying "We po'." But now we say, "We hobo!" and we are having entirely too much fun with it. Everything is Hobo now. Hobo Snacks. Hobo Beer. Hobo Gardening. Hobo Fun!

More on all different kinds of Hobo Livin' in posts to come, but since I have been pretty much spending all my non-shop time on my porch lately, I thought I would show you the totally cost-free , one-afternoon makeover I did to get my porch so cute and cozy.

See how sad it was to start off?

I mean, the furniture is pretty cute - all thrifted or yard saled.  But  it wasn't very inviting and we never went out there. You know how I've been trying to do more summery things, and one of those is to spend lots of time outside, of course. I got a bee in my bonnet on the fourth of July and spent the afternoon foraging for blankets and pillows to throw on the furniture. I scoured my garage for all my kooky thrift finds and extra chairs. I grabbed my dozens of wilty, sad-looking perennials that had been divided and were waiting in pots to be replanted.

This is what I did:

-I watered those poor bee balms, catmints, bleeding hearts amd annise hyssops and tucked them into all manner of pots, tins, plastic jack-o-lanterns and enamel buckets. Annuals, schmannuals!

-I auditioned unused comforters and too-many-too-fit-on-the-couch-anyways throw pillows on the various couches and chairs until I found the combinations that I liked. I wrapped uncovered or ratty cushions in cute vintage sheets I stole from my sewing room.

-I hunted for candles in jars and put them all together on a free-shop-at-the-dump candle holder stand.

-I borrowed some white lights from the Christmas junk in storage and strung them haphazardly.

-I played old-timey music on Pandora. (my current fave is the Charles Trenet and Django Reinhardt channel. I  renamed the station Old Timey Porch Music For Hobos just for you.)

- And I don't exactly remember, but I probably drank a Hobo Beer.

And now I have, like, a whole other room that is outside!

I plan on doing tons more to my cozy outdoor nest, and you bet I'll be blogging the heck out of it. Like I am right now: with my twinkle lights on, barefeet kicked up on the table, and Old Timey Porch Music for Hobos playing.

Have you hobo'd up anything lately? Would love to hear about it!

Now, where my beer at?




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