438: Tiny Breakable Things of Cindie Wood

melissa averinos

December 13, 2010

My dear friend Cindy (that would be Original Cindy) moved away.

I miss her.

She gave me a bunch of stuff when she was leaving: cool metal plant stands, plants to go on them, and the most amazing thing ever:

Her dollhouse.

The dollhouse her dad made for her when she was little.

Cindy has two boys and the dollhouse wasn't getting any love. She knew, she knew--- that I would love the thing to death. And all the adorable little things that live in it. Which I do.

Of course I do!

I do kind of have a problem with a  bathroom in the hall with no privacy, but, you know.

The only condition on my getting to keep the dollhouse was that I had to photograph it, as if I wasn't going to do that anyways! Cindy, here you go, love.

Some of the wallpaper was actually what was used in Cindy's room!

I love it as it is of course, but I am going to redecorate. Yes, i am. (With Cindy's blessing.)

See, I didn't have a dollhouse.

And I am all for giving myself a second chance at a happy childhood.

Oh, look!  It's Christmas in the living room!

Cindy made those tiny curtains.

Look at the box that the little things came in:

I am imagining all sorts of tiny adorableness that I can make for the redecoration: tiny crocheted rugs, tiny scratchy paintings, tiny ceramics, tiny seat cushions in my fabrics. Teeny tiny quilts, omg.

It will be a Yummy Dream House and my inner little one is all skipping around with glee about it.

Aw, tiny kittens having tiny tea.

(Thank you , Cindy, for giving me something so precious. I treasure it and you.)




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