435: talking through some idears

melissa averinos

November 10, 2010

One last day to enter the drawing to win a Swoon bag! Go ahead and watch my Schoolhouse slideshow to find out how. I will be choosing the lucky person on Thursday night. Ok?

Ok, fine. I will just tell you how, but I still think you should watch my Schoolhouse slideshow because a.) it took me a long time to make and b.) unicorns are mentioned twice.

To have a chance to win one of the awesome fabric bags that Andover had made with my Swoon, leave a comment on that post (not this one, yo!) telling me what you would like to see from me in my next book. And not necessarily sewing. ok? Go ahead. I'll wait here while you do. .....

Sorry about all that crossing out business. I realized after I wrote the post that I invited more discussion over here, so comments on this post will count as an entry to the giveaway!

And now some closeups of one of my paintings, just because.

I love reading all the responses to my question about my next book.

Some want another straight up sewing book. Some want info on designing fabric. Some want my blog in book form, some want an inspiration/eye candy type of book.

I have two ideas percolating:

One would be more of a visual journalling/creativity/inspiration type of deal, which I have been wanting to do for well over a decade, actually.

The other idea is a sewing book for people who are imperfectionists like me. I don't know how much appeal that has, though, because people who already sew and are good at it probably wouldn't want or like that. Right? But what about the person who doesn't sew, but has fallen in love with fabric and wants to make things quickly and without getting all fussy about learning how to sew. And I don't mean a no-sew book, just a.... a..... messy imperfect sewing book. Like, permission to sew the way I do. Because I kind of want that permission myself! I am self-conscious about my messy sewing!

But it's like with painting, there are photo-realist painters and abstract painters and all kinds in between. That doesn't make one good and one bad, or one right and one wrong, right? They are just different outlets for different people. Right?




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