431: damn you, kokka! (QM part 2)

melissa averinos

November 2, 2010

Seriously, I can't take it, Kokka. Why do you have to be so awesome? Why must you torture me this way?

You know I usually can't spend too much time in the Kokka booth because I get a stomach ache from the envy, but I did venture in there to take pics of Ruby Star Rising, an amazing line by new designer Melody Miller.

I love it so much it makes me mad, if that makes any sense.

Gah, ViewMasters:

I had the pleasure of chatting with  Melody (with gorgeous giant, doe eyes) and her lovely friend Allison Tannery (Melody's Brand Champion) several times during QUilt Market. However, I was pretty lazy about taking pics this year, so I don't have much photographic evidence of their adorableness, but trust me--- I know from adorable.

Gah, Retro Ladies:

Seriously, I am all hot and bothered for this fabric line.

I may have quite forcefully insisted that Melody send me some when she has more than just sample yardage. Thankfully, she agreed. I kind of feel bad for being so pushy, but if it gets me some of this killer fabric, I shouldn't  feel too bad about it, right?

Gah, retro teapots and mugs:


I'll always remember chatting with Allison at the Fabric 2.0 and how she said she thought my haircut was sexy. It may have been the wine talking, but, hey, I'll take it. Visit Allison's vintage etsy shop and follow her on twitter : @afleacircus.

I have stop thinking about this fabric or I will become insane with fabric lust. Damn you, Melody Miller! (Shakes fist into sky!) On twitter, Melody is @MissLetterM.

More Kokka to empty your wallet, the always amazing Echino:




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