426: The Magnus Clan (including the devil baby and Bottle of Fake Blood)

melissa averinos

October 24, 2010

Did you watch American Idol last season? You know Siobhan Magnus? She's from my town on Cape Cod.

Last Sunday I convinced Stuart to cover the shop for me so I could head into Hyannis for  an event  in her honor --- it was her first time performing around here since becoming a contestant, so there was quite a lot of interest to finally see her on her own turf. I couldn't help being interested, myself, as I really enjoyed her on the show. She seemed like a sweet girl who stayed true to herself even under all that pressure and I really liked that about her.

I made my way to the Village Green and even though there were a couple thousand people there,  I instinctively walked right up to the spot where some friends of mine were who I haven't hung out with in an age and who I was hoping to see, Michelle and Colleen (who also happens to be Siobhan's mom).

Michelle is the first artist I had ever met. Here she is as The Bride Of Frankenstein:

She's known me since I was little, as she was one of my sister's best friends in high school.  I remember in Krissi's bedroom she drew a red pair of lips around a hole in the wall. You see, a.) my house was the kind that had holes in the walls that b.) never got repaired and c.) no one noticed if you drew on the wall or if they did d.) no one cared.  She also drew me a picture of Boy George. On paper. I loved Boy George. It was 1984, after all.

In the mid 90's, Michelle and I became reacquainted and struck up a friendship of our own (based now on our mutual interest in art and metaphysics/spirituality) which is how I met Colleen, one of her closest friends.

Here is Colleen as.... um,.... I forget what she said, but she was perfectly creepy with her devil baby and ghoulish face!

That Magnus family, they do like their fake blood:

Is it just me, or do you also find it funny that it says 'Bottle of Fake Blood', not just 'Fake Blood'?

And yes, the devil baby is, in fact, wearing a Joey Ramone button.

One of Colleen's daughter's, Ceili, makes a convincing Lizzie Border:

Siobhan singing with her band, Lunar Valve:

 And I just love these shots of Siobhan with some band mates and her Viking security guy:

There was no shortage of smoke machine use, I assure you!

 You can see more pics in the flickr set, if you wish.

 Siobhan and her dad Al (and his band Psyd FX) sing House of the Rising Sun (via Shoreline Digital):


While  I was chatting with Michelle after the show, Siobhan came  over to where we were to see some friends and sign some autographs. It seemed silly not to snap some pics while she was standing right next to me, so I did.

More of that vest, which I hear was made for her by a fan:

And she was wearing some serious boots:

I noticed that she was holding a Speak & Math and couldn't resist capturing it:

I'm assuming it belonged to one of her little sisters. I remember on the show when she would talk about them, how devoted she seemed and how lovely that was.


There was a man carving pumpkins:

 My favorite was the little white mini!

Look at this great mask (don't know who the wearer was):

Ahhhh. I love Halloween!

And no, I wasn't in costume, but I did have my unicorn hat  in my bag, just in case.




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