416: strikeoffs, catch up and unicorns

melissa averinos

August 3, 2010
A few months ago, I was on going to my friend Hannah's house for the first time and I took a wrong turn.
And I drove past this:
Wait. What?
A giant unicorn on the front of someone's house.
But that's normal, right?
As I was looking through my photos to find that to show you, I came across this bag that my friend Regina gave me:
Doesn't that look like the same unicorn that's on the house? With the super long horn and the little goatee?

Oh, unicorns.
Oh, oh! I got two more pieces of Anonymous Unicorn Mail! From that same person with the awesome writing! Makes me so happy.
You guys?
Strikeoffs of my next fabric line come today!
Tap tap tap..... taptaptaptaptap.......
Are the here yet?
How about now?
It's been so frigging long since Sugar Snap came out that it feels new all over again!
All of the other designers that came out when I did have had several lines by now. I am looking forward to having several lines, lemme tell you!
I'll be back with sneaks of the strikeoffs as soon as I can.
Even though my camera lens is busted. I'll have to use the other lens. See, I am kind of a jerk to my camera. I don't put it in a camera bag, so it gets a bit of the rough treatment. Like, sometimes it takes a tumble and the lens gets all jammed up and I have to shake it and smack it a bit to get it to focus. I am bad that way. Stuart can usually fix it with his Daddy Magic, but I don't know if even he has enough magic to make it work this time.
Miracle of miracles: I am still working out!
Running 3x a week for about 45 min each time.
Pilates 2x a week.
Trying to make it to Zumba once a week.
Bikram yoga 3x a week.
Feels great!
Some randomness for you:
*The other day, I felt this hard lump under my skin in my arm. I was like, what is that!? Oh, cool! A bicep!
*I am enjoying the tv show The Good Guys. Tom Hanks's son is one of the leads and I can't help but love him like I love his dad.
*Of course, still digging what I call 'My Dancing Show', So You Think You Can Dance.
*I managed to get to the beach for the first time this season----before August! Last Tuesday, Stuart and I went to Craigville Beach after work. The water was so warm and it was even choppy! I had fun busting the waves with my head. "Honey, did you see that? I totally just busted that wave with my head!"
What are you up to?

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