415: icebox cake

melissa averinos

August 2, 2010

Do you know about Icebox Cake?

I didn't until I met my handsome honey. It is his special birthday cake, and now his son's.

Stuart's son Zach turned 14 last month. Zach has been my little buddy. I met him when he had just turned five! He's now 14 and on his way to high school! So weird.

So, birthday. I made him the requisite cake. Which is really not cake. It is literally cookies and cream. Chocolate cookies and whipped cream, to be exact. It tastes exactly like an ice cream sandwich or cookies n' cream ice cream. Frigging YUM.

You make some fresh whipped cream:

And then you smoosh it onto these Famous Chocolate Wafer Cookies:

And then you stack them up and lay them on their side:

And make like a loaf type shape. And then you 'frost' it with the whipped cream and crush up some cookies on top:

And then you throw it in the fridge for a few hours (the longer the better) and the cream soaks into the cookie and it gets all mushy and then you chow that stuff down, yo.

And if you are lucky, there is a little bit left over and it is amazing for breakfast the next day. I  mean, Im guessing.



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