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410: OmgLondon part 7, Quilt Exhibit at the V&A

melissa averinos

More London. Ok?

One of the awesome things we had planned in  advance was to go to the Quilts 1700-2010 Exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

That's right, a whole special exhibit on quilts. While we were there. Magic, right?

Of course, no photography was allowed in the show, so I can't give you an accurate portrayal of what is was like.

But. The walls?

They were pink. PINK!

And surprisingly, it was rather dimly and moodily lit, which was kinda neat.

In the museum shop, there was this great big  book of the exhibited works, but it was a.) too expensive and b.) too heavy to cart around so I didn't get it.

I got the postcard set instead. They are snack-sized.

Also, I got some, well, what else? Fabric!

I didn't realize until after I bout it that it's by Liberty!

Don't fret, you can buy some too.

They also had all sorts of other cool quilty merchandise like this awesome wrapping paper:

And this stool that I really wanted:

And I didn't see this teatowel or I would have scored one for sure:


We saw the quilt it is based on in person at the exhibit. It was rad.

I did grab this mug that is based on that quilt:

SO frigging cuuuute!



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