409: but really, you're all winners (plus unicorn action)

melissa averinos

July 18, 2010
Oh, yeah.
Remember my  400th post giveaway?
The winner is........Renee! Who said:
I discovered your blog about a year ago and have throughly enjoyed it. If I'm ever in the area I would love to check out the shop. It's a long way from Georgia but maybe one day. Congrats on the book, the new line, and #400! What a great reason for a giveaway!
Yay! Email me your address and I will send you my book and some of my Sugar Snap fabric!
While I'm at it, a big congratulations to the winners of the Fat Quarter Friday giveaways:
Anjanette Middlebrooks
Alexandra Rosenblum
Helen Flener
D. Ciomperlik
Elizabeth Starks
In other news, (though I don't think this is news to anyone, really):
Dude, I am such a slacker.
I have a ton of emails that I haven't responded to and it makes me feel like a bad person.
Please forgive me?
I will buckle down on Monday and attack the inbox, ok?
More evidence of my slackitude: This awesome piece of Anonymous Unicorn Mail that I got almost a year ago.
And I'm just now blogging it:
So the image is  from Natalie Dee this adorable webcomic. I emailed the artist to see if it was she that sent it (she? her? whatever). But she was all, " I have no idea what you are talking about." So I don't think it is her.
Also, yes, I am assuming a female sender. Is that wrong?
I mean, my first piece of Anonymous Unicorn Mail was from a dude, after all.
Hmm. Food for thought.
So anyways,  it was very sweet and encouraging:
And doesn't this person have the awesomest handwriting? Jealous.
This same person sent me another piece of Anonymous Unicorn Mail but I don't have pics of it. I have been wanting to blog it just in case that person is still reading and wants to know that I a.) got them and b.) appreciate them. Resounding YES, yo!
More, please, Awesome-Handwriting-Anonymous-Unicorn-Mail-Sender!
Also, I have been a bit slacktastic with the exercise and eating well since my 30-day Bikram Yoga Challenge ended a week ago! Like, I may have eaten my weight in cheese the other night at Beth's.
But, as of tomorrow, I am back on track. I will go to Bikram 4-5 times a week, run at least 3 times and hopefully hit up the Y for a couple of pilates classes. If you are in with me, feel free to state your plan in the comments for accountability!
I just went shopping and bought all sorts of good things for me to eat. As we walked to the car with our groceries, I did the following, just so I could say I did:
I carried a watermelon.
p.s. I kind of want to do my own webcomic.

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