402: catching up and shop stuff

melissa averinos

June 27, 2010

hey, you guys!

I have a bunch of things I need to write about soon.

Here is a preview:

*I  have more OMGLondon recap, but I'll give you a break since you might be bored by now.

*I still have more Quilt Market recap, too! You've probably already seen it everywhere, but I have Sandi Henderson's booth and Anna Maria's booth to show you, as well as more of the Wiley party and my presentation. Are you still interested? I hope so!

*My art show opening! (Which was awesome!)

*Sneak peek of my fabric line for Andover which has been approved and should be out in the fall! Get this, they thought I did such a good job on my presentation that they want me to take one of their coveted schoolhouse spots at Quilt Market in Houston! Eeeeep! Their schoolhouses are huge and packed and I will try not to get nervous too far in advance. (omgomgomg)

But for today just a little catch up and visiting, ok?

The spring was such a whirlwind of book stuff and travel. I'm really enjoying having a little bit of breathing room and nothing huge on the horizon! (at least not yet)

So what am I doing with my time?

I'm getting the shop ready for the season:

Love that book.

Ahhh, I miss gardening. I haven't done a single thing this season. I did walk back there the other day and ate a few strawberries. The raspberries are coming along. Pretty soon it will be raspberry o'clock again! 

I didn't plant any veggies. I should at least go buy a tomato plant, right? If only to smell the leaves?

I'll need figure out how to allow time for gardening this summer. Last year I was getting up at 6-7am to spend a few hours back there before heading off to the shop. Hmmm, maybe I'll do that again.

Right, back to the shop:

I amuse myself by putting the Ultra Sensitive soap with the Saving Up For Some Therapy bank and Instant Therapy breath spray.

I love these new scarves:

They remind me of Fruit Stripe Gum when they are lined up like that.

Why did that gum taste so frigging amazing? And then the flavor just disappeared in seconds? remember that?

Cool new stretchy rings:

Love these ones too:

In my 400th post giveaway ( still open for another week, so get on that!) I asked you to leave a comment telling me what you would like to see more of around the blog and many of you said "The Shop!"

So there you go. See how I listen to you?


Hey, I have some kinda awesome news.

You know how I keep promising that eventually I will put some of the shop stuff online so you can have some Yummy Goods?

Well, I'm Actually Doing It! I've spent the last week or so uploading dozens of products and writing descriptions and all that stuff. I will let you know when it's up and running, ok? Should be within the next week!


Back soon with details about my recent reentry into the world of Bikram yoga!



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