401: OMGLondon part 4. textures and vittles at salisbury cathedral

melissa averinos

June 24, 2010

Getting back to some recap of my trip to England with Beth.

If you've missed any, here is the scoop:

how it came about : yarn london rhubarb

back home : where my scones at?

recap 1:walking, cake lunch and famous people

recap 2: we heart bath

recap 3: salisbury, a crafty cathedral

Now, back to business. I mean pleasure.

Still Salisbury Cathedral.

We ditched the group when they went to see the Magna Carta, in favor of looking at textures and grabbing vittles.

Most awesome door:

The colors!

The keyhole plate thingy!

 No idea what this is all about, but it was outside, near the restrooms:

As was this structure which appeared to be a storage shed of some kind:

I love the juxtaposition of this modern utilitarian thing and the cathedral behind.

Also, what is this P and S?

The continuum of pepper to salt?


I wish I could have done a rubbing of it.

I would have to guess that it would have been frowned upon.

Stained glass is pretty:

And so are timeworn things that acquire their own kind of beauty:

mmmmmmmm, textury.

Love how you can see the reflection of the window shapes behind:

And the swirly lettering:

Vittles. We require scones and jam.

Good thing Salisbury Cathedral has a beautiful little gift shop/cafeteria where they sell Victorian Lemonade and Elderflower something-or-other:

And scones:

With clotted cream and jam.

Which we ate in a Cathedral.

In a greenhouse-type room. With sunlight streaming in.

In Actual England.

It was 100% good.



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