394: qm spring 2010 amy butler loves her some Unicorn

melissa averinos

May 30, 2010

Oh, Amy.

You can count on Amy Butler's booth to be fresh and beautiful.

And Amy herslef to be lovely, gracious and sweet.

She's also funny.

One of the days she was wearing a long necklace with big metal beads on it, which I commented on. (Just realized you can see it in that pic above, how convenient!)

She said, "It  makes a great cat toy."

She leaned over the table, allowing the necklace to rest on it and started batting at it with her hands is if she were a cat.

True story!

Oh, look who snuck into that picture.

Lovely mix of real and paper flowers:

 Pretty table display:

I want these leg warmers (cough, cough, Beth, cough):

Yup, Amy is now doing yarn and knit patterns with Rowan .

I mentioned wanting to take a picture of her with Unicorn and she said, "I would be honored. Can I cuddle with him?"

I said, "I wish you would. He might try to  make out with you, too."

She said she didn't think her husband would mind.

I thought he might rather like it, actually.



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