392: spring qm 2010 wiley book launch party part 1

melissa averinos

May 30, 2010

It's 1:34 a.m. Sunday morning and I can't sleep.

I figure I better hurry up and finish my Quilt Market recap because I leave for (omg) London on Wednesday.

Are you sick of QM recaps yet? I should have just done it all right away.  I'm going to stop try to stop being so thorough and I'll be able to get 'em out faster. How about that?


The incredible team at  Wiley put together a book launch party for the three books that were coming out at market: my Small Stash Sewing, Anna Maria Horner's  Handmade Beginnings and Sandi Henderson's  Sewing Bits and Pieces.

It was requested that we get to Cosmos at the Graves Hotel early to sign a bunch of books that would be given away:

Lucky for me, Beth was willing to document the night for me. (Thanks for taking pics, sweet girl!)

So I sat down to sign some books, as did Sandi. We were both like, "How should I do this? What are you writing?"

Eventually we settled into a rhythm and we each finished up our stack of books.

I love this shot of Sandi and me:

Yes, Sandi is wearing the sweater and necklace from the cover of her book!

Yes, my necklace is made from vintage  spools of thread.  And yes, I did make it. Also, I am not naked under that sweater, I swear.

So, apparently when Wiley wants to have a bash, they kind of go all out:

An ice sculpture.

An ice sculpture of the Wiley logo.

And not just that.

Do you see in the upper right corner there is a funnel? That's where they pour the drinks. This thing isn't just an ice sculpture, it's actually called a drink luge.

I swear to god.

The bartender pours the drink into the funnel and it goes through the sculpture and chills the drink. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

I hadn't.

But wait.

What were the drinks that they were chilling in this ice sculpture?

Aw, yeah. Three signature drinks named after the three authors.

Holy shit. Wow.

Also? Yum.

Speaking of yum, Roxane (my editor) suggested that we sit at the bar and get some food before people started arriving, assuming correctly that once things got going we would be so busy talking that we wouldn't get a chance to get much to eat.

I ordered the Grilled 7 Year Aged Cheddar on Brioche with Truffle Honey and Tomato Soup.

Oh, good god yum:


The presentation! And it tasted spectacular.  

Dang that was a good grilled cheese.

More soon.




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