389: win a copy of Small Stash Sewing plus totally random stuff

melissa averinos

May 25, 2010

Hello, my fiends!

I'm in full-on Quilt Market recovery mode.

Boy, am I whipped. I will be back soon with market recap, but I just wanted to stop in and say hi because I miss you.

Enjoy the random assortment of topics and photos below.

 *Lookie what I saw---my book out in the wild!

Eeeee! Ok, so it wasn't totally in the wild, I mean it was at Brewer's booth (a distributor) at Quilt Market, but still. I have yet to see it in a book store. That will be neat.

* Cool old theater sign I found in Minneapolis, mmmm rusty:

*Just found out about this adorable song called "You Were Right and It's O.K."

"Most of us love you,

and the few of us who don't don't really get you.

And if there's one or two who do and still decide they don't love you,

we say 'f--k 'em.'"

It's my new theme song.

*The first winner of The Fat Quarter Friday giveaway is Edna Ritchie--- Congratulations!

She will receive a copy of my new book Small Stash Sewing and a fat quarter bundle from my first fabric line Sugar Snap.

If you are dying of jealousy then why don't you just go here and enter yourself for this Friday's drawing? (And don't tell anyone I told you, but you can enter up to once a day.)

How about a Unicorn-related way to win a copy of the book?

See, I am kinda dying to see my Unicorn softie out in the world and I am so not above bribery.

So here you go: The first person to send me pictures of the completed Unicorn *Hearts* Moon project wins a copy of the book. (email them to me at melissa(at)yummygoods(dot)com) The project is available as a free download right here, for your convenience. Isn't that nice? (Yes, you need to make both the unicorn and the moon because Unicorn gets lonely. And when Unicorn gets lonely, he gets stabby and no one wants to see that.)

Now, I did give my twitter peeps a heads up on this a couple of hours ago, so if you want in on it, I would suggest you get a move on. (There are benefits to being my pal on twitter, apparently.)


I'll be back soon to tell you all about Quilt Market, including more of the  ridiculous awesomeness of the B+B I found:



P.S. I did my presentation Sunday and I didn't die! Success!

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