386: it's a real book

melissa averinos

 May 16, 2010

It's here.

Today, for the first time, I signed and sold a few copies of my book.

People wanted me to sign it!

It was fun coming up with a little message to write.

And I got to meet another blog reader today. (Hi, Jill! You can stop lurking  and say hello since we are friends now!)

I love meeting you guys! It's the best!


My dad's gonna like that- AVERINOS. Right there, on the spine of a real book.

I loved watching Stuart read the dedication and acknowledgements. You'll see what I mean when you have a chance to look. And the foreword by Amy Butler- dang! She is so sweet.

So, I'm still freaking a bit about my Quilt Market presentation, but I did manage to practice it today to make sure I have enough to talk about, which I did. Beth and an assortment of unicorns and deer statues were my audience and they loved me. They think I killed. The unicorns got a bit rowdy when I mentioned the Unicorn *Hearts* Moon project, but that's to be expected, am I  right?

You know you can download that project for free, right? Go right here and download it, watch the book preview video that Beth and I made and enter to win a free copy of Small Stash Sewing. Ok? I mean, if you want.

If you do? Please,  as a personal favor, make the Unicorn and Moon and add them to the flickr pool so I can see?  Eventually, I will have a contest that involves you taking pictures with the Unicorn, so you may as well get a head start, right?


Thanks for all the excitement about  our trip to London coming up! Please keep the suggestions coming! We are mapping them all out. And when I say 'we are' I mean 'Beth is.' She's good like that.

It is so much fun to share all of this with you.

Of course, we are totally bringing Unicorn to London with us.

That's normal, right? (rhetorical, do not answer)




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