380: two short weeks

melissa averinos

May 4, 2010

It is just starting to hit me that in two weeks---two short weeks--- I will be able to hold (and perhaps lick) a book that has a pink and orange cover and my name on it.

I will be at Quilt Market doing book signings.


Signing books.

My books.

(Will anyone really want me to sign their books? I kinda have to suspend disbelief on this one.)

I am so psyched about going my first Quilt Market in over a year and a half. That probably sounds weird to people who have to go to boring trade shows. Quilt Market is an awesome one because it's all about fabric and sewing and being crafty.

And I get to hang out with my once-or-twice-a-year friends who I wish could be my all-the-time friends. Though, thanks to the magic that is twitter, many of them actually are in my life on a daily basis!

Today I rewatched the book preview video that Beth and I made. Good lord, I love that thing.

You know that little creature at the end of it? I will be taking him with me to Quilt Market and chronicling his adventures.

Actually, we will be chronicling his adventures - me and Beth. That's right, Beth is coming to market with me! Eeeeee-----So excited! You won't be able to miss us because we will be the ones who can't stop laughing. Also, the people with the Unicorn.

Now that the release of the book is just around the corner, I get to start talking about it more, YAY! And showing pictures, like the one above! (Unicorn *Hearts* Moon, from the For Kids chapter!)

That is my good friend Katie and her adorable daughter Effie. Katie and I were friends in high school but just got back in touch a couple of years ago. I'll have to tell you that story sometime.

With all the Bronte-Along stuff going on, I've been wishing I could write fiction. But making up stories is a total mystery to me. If I tried to, it would simply be my own history with slight changes.

Why bother acting like I'm making it up? I guess written stories that are nonfiction would be considered essays, right?

And that sounds scary, like they would need to be all, you know, good and well-written and everything.  Hmm.

Maybe I will just tell you my stories. Can I tell you my stories?



PS it took me for-frigging-ever to write this because Glee was SO GOOD tonight!


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