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melissa averinos

May 3, 2010

Friday night I asked twitter what it was doing and twitter replied, "I'm sewing".

Now, I was planning to just screw around online and maybe watch a movie, but after that response  I grabbed my sewing machine and walked up to the studio instead. Thanks for inspiring me, twitter!

I just wanted to do some mindless project. You know, no measuring or precision ('cause I kinda hate don't love that ) I just wanted to play with color and fabric, so I grabbed my bowls of green bits that I had cut up two whole years ago. And I just started sewing the bits together. Some more cutting, some more sewing, then some laying them out and assessing. More cutting and sewing.

I had brought my laptop and put on a documentary about romantic fiction called Reader, I Married Him. It has three parts : Happily Ever After, Heroes, and Heroines. (Two months ago, I would never have known that 'Reader, I married him' is a famous line from Jane Eyre!) Here is the link so you can watch it on youtube. I am only halfway through the second episode. Watch it with me!

Saturday, I was talking with Beth and told her that I had spent the night before sewing a scrappy quilt top in shades of green.

"Oh, Shades of green, you say?" said she.

See, green is Beth's favorite. You know how I am all hot for orange and pink? Beth is hot for green.

So I says to her, I says, "You want it?"

And she was all, "Uh, YEAH! But can you make it into a duvet cover for me?"

So that's what I spent the weekend doing. Not that I've ever made a duvet cover before, but I figured it was just a giant pillowcase for a giant flat pillow, right?

Here is the back:

I loved putting the top together, but the whole project  became even more fun once I knew it was for Beth. She came over to the studio to hang out with me as I was working on it. Her excitement about it and total love for the thing just made me so happy. I love that girl.

Hey, look: bunnies!

It is all done except for the buttons. See, I don't know how to do buttons yet, is the thing. So I safety pinned the top so she could take it home and make sure the cats approved, in the meantime. I hear they all used it last night and it has received the cat paw of approval.

In other news, because I am some kind of Crazy Person, I kept this pile of tiny scraps:

I just can't help myself.

What are you working on?




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